MOS-LANKA Holdings Wins European Business Assembly coveted “BEST ENTERPRISE” Award and “MANAGER OF THE YEAR” Award

The Europe Business Assembly, an independent corporation of economic, social and humanitarian collaboration, has conferred its internationally coveted award for “Best Enterprise” on Mos-Lanka Holdings Private Limited and “Manager of the Year” to Chairman of the Group.

In announcing the winners, Europe Business Assembly (EBA) said that Mos-Lanka and the chairman of the group were being honored for their excellent business reputation, effective management and constant growth of enterprise.

The prizes were given during EBA’s Excellence in Quality Summit and Socrates Award Ceremony attended by prominent regional producers, top level businessmen and international quality experts at the Fairmont Le Montreux Palace in Montreux , Switzerland on July 2nd, 2015.

The EBA which annually recognizes and brings together organizations and high level achievers who excel in business practice, observed that the criteria for presenting its prestigious international awards in quality and management to Mos-Lanka and its Chairman was based on the companies investment attraction, high technologies and quality, professional staff and modern management methods that had been adopted.

Chairman of Mos Lanka Holdings was given a personal certificate in addition to the one received by his company. The Best Enterprise trophy is a complex union set, complete with statue, medal, certificate and diploma. It is produced in the shape of a hand symbolizing hard work. The awards are registered with the British Patent Office and made of precious metals by the famous London jeweler Alfred Winiecki. Legal and patent rights belong to EBA and are protected by British law.

Mos-Lanka Holdings comprises seven subsidiary companies, involved in diverse fields such as Higher Education in Medicine in the Russian Federation for International Students, export of connoisseurial brands of pure Ceylon tea and specialty spices, warehousing, logistics, tourism, leisure and in the hospitality industry. Earlier this year it also clinched the prestigious International Arch of Europe in the Gold category awarded by the globally recognized Business Initiative Directions.

The EBA annual sessions which ran from June 30 to July 2, was chaired by Michael Derrer, Director General of Ascent Swiss Business Management AG, Switzerland and Director of the Swiss Institute of Quality Standards.

The selection process was based on the recommendations of EBA’s partners. They included the European Market Research Centre (Belgium), Baden-Vurtennberg Export Academy (Germany), the Association of Consultants and Marketologists (Czech Republic), the Institute of Quality Standards (Switzerland) and the International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (Moscow, Russia).Research aimed at selecting successful dynamic companies is conducted by the analytical centers of EBA in Oxford, UK.Data is collected from national and International ratings.

In previous years EBA and its international partners have conferred awards on well-known statesmen, public and religious figures and businessmen including the Romanian Prime Minister Adrian Nastase, UNIDO Director General Carlos Magaranos, , MEP Barbara Kudrycka and Ambassadors such as Victor Chernomyrdin (Russia), Akin Alptuna (Turkey), Jan Winkler (Czech Republic), Indulis Berzins (Latvia), City Hall and administration heads from Spain, Russia, UK, South Africa, Serbia, Ukraine and Turkey among others.
Best Enterprise winners receive the right to use the UK registered award logo for advertising purposes, showing recognition in accordance with the highest international standards. Information about winners are published on the EBA web site, in the EBA official catalogue and in the Socrates Almanac. European Quality recipients also receive consultation from EBA experts concerning company promotion for national and regional markets.

The EBA founded in Oxford, UK in the year 2000 is an interactive platform for adapting European economic programs to the standards of living in dynamically developing regions. It, follows the directives of the European Union and EU programmes “Good Neighbourliness” and “Eastern Partnership”.

The main mission of its institutions, representative offices and strategic partners is to form a positive image of the regions, companies and personalities in the European business community.

The EBA systematically holds global specialized forums, conferences and business meetings and efficiently uses other information resources to form a world register of efficient leading companies and regions for attractive investment. Business structures and dynamically developing regions are selected according to statistical data, recommendations of analytical, sociological, informational, advertising, rating and PR agencies. The winners of international and national contests of professional achievements receive further consulting, marketing and legal support from leading European firms.